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Jamil Yamani


This documentation is from a show titled Family/Familiar, in this show I developed a body of work including photographs, sculptures, drawings/silk screen prints and videos. The works themselves are a collection of portraits in video and photographic format that reveal an intimate perspective of my immediate family’s lives. My Father and Mother, Sister, Brother in Law, Step Father and Step Mother and finally myself all feature in this show.


As a way of portraying ‘normal’ I organised my media by depicting my family members hierarchically according to their position in the family. The video portraits used subtitles to inform the viewer about the personal narratives of each portrait sitter. The show was born out of a desire to present Muslims from a non-threatening, normalised viewpoint. It sought to counter the negative stereotypes presented to us on a daily basis in the news and other forms of media.


The work presented was a mix of sculpture, video, printmaking, drawing and photgoraphy.








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