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Jamil Yamani

2014// KHATNA


This is a video artwork that explores the inter-generational effects of Female Genital Mutilation on a family. The work was conceived through a workshop process. We consulted with Khadija Gbla and through this process of information and personal story telling we asked the four performers to go away and come back and deliver a monologue to camera. Each performer was loosely given a role or character. These characters come together to form a family, a mother and her three children.





Khadija Gbla



Director: Jamil Yamani

Production Assistance: Campbelltown Arts Centre

1st AD: Simon Rippingale

DOP: Atanas Djonov

Sound Recordist: Peter Humble

Sound Design: Peter Humble

Digital Wrangler: Peter Humble



Ben Brock



Ben Brock

Christine Greenough

Dan Krige

Clarize Pearce





Photo Credit: Zann Wimberley



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